\ Joy the Baker: Mis-en-place

Sunday, January 13, 2008


French culinary terms always seem snooty and unapproachable to me.  Mis-en-place is no different, but it's the concept behind the term that's important.  Translating into "everything in it's place" the term has everyday baking signifigance.  Simply stated, in American English, "get all your stuff together before the flour starts flying."  Soften the butter, get the eggs to room temperature, preheat the oven, measure the flour, leavening, salt, sugar and wet ingredients.  Also have a spatula, towel and greased and floured pan.  When all of that is ready, you know you've got all your ingredients in order. You're not going to find yourself an egg short in the middle of making cake batter.   It's a helpful trick.  Thank you fancy French culinary people!


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